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A Diet Coke Tuesday

you addict, you.

It's a Diet Coke day my deary dears, and I don’t even know why. Feeling a bit heavy-eyed, a bit blinky. A bit unmotivated in my job. So let's all mosy downstairs with plenty of moxy to boot, and pick up a Coke.

Despite the fact that I've weened myself off these afternoon trysts of late. But hey there ho there, some days are just those days, and it's fun to have a bit of sweetness, a bit of grownup candy to savor and feel as though your energy is gathering and smiling at you. And I think, is this just my twenties? Is this my age? Is this my volatile temperament, and will it go away in a blink when I blow out my 30 candles?

Ohh, what this crazy mind of mine can dream up when it feels like it.


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Care said...

I heart DC too pretty. Warm, flat, mixed...I don't care, I'll take it. Always Coke, never Pepsi.