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Little Bundle of Meat

*always always loving the New Yorker cartoons. Little known fact: we are kind of a huge cartoon loving dork. We also draw them, hehe.

We nanny for several different lovely city families. And we love it. We really do. Our heart bursts with joy when reading children's stories and poems while holding little hands and young folks in our lap.

One busy mom of four whom we know, recently had a darling baby boy. Her day to day life consists mainly of...dirty diapers. Snack. Laundry. Cleaning. Play date. The faucet is overflowing. Annie just swallowed a penny. John peed his pants. Paul is crying. Stephen is hungry. Annie just licked a battery. Stephen threw up on Paul. Paul is naked and fingerpainting himself. Dirty diaper. Rinse, and repeat.

So it came as no surprise when this Super Mama told us about a recent exchange with a neighbor from one trash can to another. She had put everything out for pickup and waited until the last minute to toss out some nasty rotten food.

Neighbor: "So- what'd ya have??"
Super Ma: "Oh, just some old meat...really smelly."
Neighbor: "No- the baby. I meant the baby."
Super Ma: "Yes, of course! Oh. A boy. We had a boy."


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judithe & francine said...

This is effing hilarious, Frank. But question: How do you KNOW she wasn't REALLY talking about her baby? Freud would have a field day, yo.