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Organizing Turns Us On

Organizing does indeed turn us up, turn us on.* When we were little, we went through various stages of compulsive categorizing. There were the Binders By Topic (1996 Olympics. Tom Cruise. Magazine Contributers - yes, oddly in a binder all its own.) There was the Massive CD Restructuring by artist & category, which no one complied to and therefore was dismissed after three days. There was the Great Recipe Overhaul, whereby we painstakingly rewrote every recipe in Mom's collection so they would all match.

And throughout these phases of sporadic frenzied conformance, we had one constant friend and confidant. One role model who not only agreed with us and encouraged us on but also could top our organizing projects with her own brand of spastic giddiness for labels and color-coordinated ribbons.

Oh, Martha. We'll always have eighth grade.


*Necessary Clarification -- organizing, sadly, turns on only one-half of the The Frances and Judy Show. There are legendary stories of Frances galloping into Judy's organized world and shaking the shit out of it, just for fun. Much to Judy's chagrin, but ultimately secret delight.

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Care said...

Hehehe...awww, the CD organizing! If only Dad could have complied. xoxoxo