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Spontaneous Moment of the Week

(photo: Andrew Morrell)
THIS IS LIFE... NOW (similar title as J.Lo's 2002 record "This is Me... Then." which is sad, really, because we didn't realize it when we wrote it because pop culture is so entwined in my brain that we cannot separate the pop from the culture.)
Our deary friend texted us last night: "I'm flying to Vegas tomorrow." Now, usually we worry when they're aren't lots of exclamation points used as that is primarily how Fran & Jude communicate with each other. Not many words. Just texts like "Wahooo!?!!!" and "Fa-la-la I love tacos!?!!!"
But our fabulous friend doesn't bother with punctuation in the texting world, and so it goes that she shot a spontaneous text on a spontaneous Thursday. What follows is her explanation this morning:
"Yes, B walked over to my cube yesterday at around noon and said, "I want to do something spontaneous this weekend. So I said, "Let's fly to Vegas." I am leaving at noon today to catch a 3:15 flight and will fly back at 5:00AM on Monday morning and go straight to work. I'm gonna be one tired duck.
"We justify this trip by telling ourselves this is what we would be spending on our kids' day camp, diapers, etc. =) It works, right?"
And so goes our twenties. Gotta love it, gotta do it.

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