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Another Bunny Bites the Dust.

photo love, thanks cristen.

We have a thing for bunnies. We admit it. We think they are the cutest loveliest doe eyed creatures with just a little plump to them. Just like us.

We even have lots of bunny memorabilia strewn around our apartment. But the very cute little American brand overgrown rodent has a dark and sinister twin- The Bunny from Dust.

The Bunny from Dust lurks in every nook and cranny. And isn't even cute. They don't even hop. They just kinda slither through the air. Like a sneaky ghostygoblin of mischief and dirt. They are filthy transient motherfuggers. And by golly, we wanted them OUT last night. For good.

Unfortunately the Dust Bunnies won the battle. The game. The race. The final score was D.B.'s-1, Us-0. And that was even after two extra innings. Mothershitter!!

We have never really been a 'clean freak.' We aren't 'Martha Stewart.' We don't 'own a Swiffer.' And our vacuum slash broom is broky right now. So for now, onwards with the battle against the ever-elusive Dust Bunnies. (And sidenote, is it like Murphy's Law or whatever that as soon as you have a guest coming to visit, your place turns into a dusty stankhouse of dungeons and dragons? Hmpff. At least we are doe eyed and lovely.)



care said...

LOVE this post! The DBs travel with me to each new apartment I inhabit. They must love me, and I suppose I've grown to love them too since I no longer attempt to erradicate the f-ers...not that I ever tried very hard to begin with, as all of you know. We cohabitate in peace.

judithe & francine said...

Oh for sure! Cohabitating is the way to go. Nice point, Carebear. That, and Papa John's pizza with a little Pride & Prejudice VHS action.