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How 'Bout Some Paper With That Banana?

Flavor Paper, via Spinning Wheels

When we were wee youngin's we were game for eating pretty much... well, anything. Sadly, this is not an exaggeration. We relished biting into mysterious objects around the house, just to see. Just to check things out. Because what if, just what IF it tasted good? 'More for us!' was our mentality, and it was clear from a young age that we were indeed born into the right country and were indeed consumers at their best and most basic.

As the years passed, we came to realize the looks we got when biting into crayons and eating glue in our kindergarten class were not born of mutual understanding. And so we succumbed to conformity and moved on from pencil erasers, straight-from-the-jar mayonnaise and bits of food found in corners of our house. We started eating fresh fruit and Grape Nuts and doing the whole temple rather than tent thing with our bodies.

But alas! Now, it seems, we can happily meld the two worlds together. Enter flavored wallpaper. And while we're less than certain we're supposed to eat it rather than merely sniff it, we align with The Class and say, let's fight the law! YUM.


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Anonymous said...

Playdough...always salty yet I still licked it everytime.