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Math Stinks

Are you having a bad day? Didja get a boot slapped on your car in less than two minutes while you attempted to run a quick errand? Didja pay a pretty penny for it? Or maybe like Haley, you are just sick of your mutherfuggin' job. The Man has got you down. And maybe you'd rather just be F & J's slutty intern instead (Please Patty and Hales, say you will). Keep reading.


Do you remember what high school was like?

We do.

Our parents were total losers!! They knew nothing and they definitely didn't understand!!! Like seriously!! Our curfew was 11:30 pm!! All of our friends got to go to co-ed sleepovers why couldn't our parents be like the other parents?!! We were in love with our db (not dust bunny) boyfriend!!! In love. So in love. He was It. The One. We used exclamation points profusely!!! So it always looked like we were screamingly happy and/or angsty sad!!! And we shopped exclusively at Express because it was The Cool thing to do!!!

Now, take a deep breath and remember thankfully, thankfully you made it through. You are a fabulous, accomplished, post-college livin' badass, and honey your sexual awakening is just beginning. And that is enough to be thankful you survived AP English for.

For another piece of I Survived the High School Years pie, read on to our friend KFlem's recent email (from an essay on why school is not important from one of her 9th grade students):

"It's not that I don't like school it's just having to sit in class for a hour just learing it's pritty pointless cause I think I have learned everything I need in life. I know how to take care of myself I know how to do meath, read, and write that really all I need to get along in life, because I really don't see myself as a biology an english teacher, mathmatician or history major it's just not what I want to do."

Stay in school, yo.


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Anonymous said...

Oh god in heaven i would love to be your sluttiest intern!!