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Poor Man's Sangria

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*Warning: this post is not for the wine sommelier, connoisseur or high-brow amongst us.

One fine day about a year ago, we first put to our lips the fine cocktail called Calimocho (or Rioja Libre). We've since coined it 'Red Vines,' because who doesn't love Red Vines and who doesn't love this drink?*
*Also, they're similar in color.

Red Vines is a delicious, low-brow cocktail comprised of 50% red wine and 50% coke. Common among high schoolers in Spain (we are SO grown up. yep.), Red Vines is sweet, winey & a bit fizzy. Essentially: Poor Man's Sangria, and your new best friend! It tones down the lip blueness factor, it cheapens the evening since the wine lasts longer (AND you can buy craptastic wine as the coke fixes the taste!), and it negates the typical booze-eyed sleepiness of drinking red wine all night. That's right. Welcome to a whole new era.



*a said...

merci beaucoups girls!

ps.....i like ice in my wine! yippee! (this is what i tend to start yelling whenever i drink wine...i'm into the VodKA ya my wino nights are few and far between. i will be trying a red vine though....stat!)

here's a poor-man's marg recipie for's called beer-ade.
all ya need is some corona and limeade....mix'em up to taste and add some ice....VOILA. delicioso!

judithe & francine said...

Yes for ice! Um, I am totally going to try the Poor Man's Marg. Didn't you hear? It's the new Poor Man's Sangria.
Thanks for the tip. ;)