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Simply Orgasmic

There is a place where all your dreams can come true. This place is tucked along a tree-lined side street in Chicago, and it will make you never step foot in Sweet Mandy B's again (sorry, Mandy!). This magical place is called Cupcakes (très appropriate), and we. are. in love.

Our friend Wallipoodle introduced us to Cupcakes last night, and once you go Cupcakes... Er, anyway. Each cupcake is made especially for you in the cutest of cute small batches and topped with the lightest of light frostings, which, as darling Howie proclaimed, gives the eater the illusion of biting into a rain-dipped cloud.

Our personal favorite (so far) is the Fresh Green Apple, which tastes exactly like a caramel apple, only fluffier. We could actually smell the fresh apples and imagine us apple picking. (If we did that sort of thing, which we don't.) And next on our list to try is the Fragrant Lemon Lavender, which has lemon white chocolate buttercream and is topped with fresh lavender shavings.

Sigh. If only all life's decisions were as easy as cupcake picking.



Care said...

Ooooh, sounds wonderful! It must be damn good to top my fave Sweet Mandy B's.

judithe & francine said...

I know! But it's true, so true...

fruitloops93 said...

i've had had these (my good buddy S used to live over that way)!!!!!!!! and they are absolutely Divine. the icing is so buttery but so airy--it really must be magic. sweet sweet magic.