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T to the Bell

One of our deariest friends was explaining her eating habits. Her loves, her hates... but mainly her loves. And mainly for Taco Bell. And really, who doesn't love a little TBell love? "It's my thing," she says of le Bell. Throw a little chicken quesadilla and choco taco action her way, and she's a happy bunny.

"I mean, where most girls get flowers if her boyfriend f*cks up, I get bean burritos."

And that is why we love good friends and a little honesty on a Sunday afternoon.

Now, as our deary sister said, "If only they served Potato Oles."



Anonymous said...


Seriously though i love that you talk about TB, the greatest place on earth. Also just so everyone knows THEY DO HAVE something simular to the ever famous Taco John's potato ole and they are so awesomely called CHEESY FIESTA POTATOS and they might actually be better!!! GET some Dudes!!

*a said...

you guys are like my jelly donut binge...i always find a juicy morsel that i can savor and'd they know?!

today...this very day of ours....i almost drove 1 hour...mind you...this is one hour on my one hour lunch break....just so i could have some taco john's. i have been salivating for days and weeks now about some effing potato ole's! but instead i had some saag paneer....because that's dam good too. a sidebar....i've had those other potato things from TB and they are NOT GOOD. please don't even see for yourselves....just take old "a's word for it. i was sad.

judithe & francine said...

A-dawg, what the hell is saag paneer? We want us some o' that.