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A Two Cents Thursday

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Howdy-ho, neighbor. Que tal? Como Estas? Comment allez-vous? How the ef are you.

Hungover from Wednesday's Happy Hour? Pissed you spent your last 30 bones, and now are brizzoke as a joke for a extra dirrrty martini on Friday night? Well move over sweetheart, it's our turn to take the soapbox. We are initiating a 'Two Cents Thursday' in order to rid of non-butterfly, rainbowy, rosy thoughts (to like um, get our bitch on). You can go next, sailormoon.

Gripe #998: Everything is just too digital these days. Everyone walks around plugged in just too gosh darn much. They walk into stores, coffee shops, and on the streets plugged into their iPods like paranoid androids. Missing opportunities to connect and engage. Engage and connect, with other humanoids. Talk. Meet and greet. They have their iPods on, whilst checking their email and scores on their iPhones. They have their laptops handy, to check any missed messages on their personal/work email accounts. They leave messages via text message or various social internet networking sites. Remember when owning a cell phone was rare? Frankly, it makes us miss Mayberry.

Now excuse us, while we check our blog messages, missed celly calls, text our dad, send an email to our grandma, and facebook your mom.


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Anonymous said...

My soapbox rant is that i want what i want and it seems completely valid and fair for me to have these things. WHY DONT I HAVE THEM!!!!WHY WHY i previously have said i will get what i want when the cubs clinch the NL division so please everyone that reads this pray hope whatever you for the Cubbies to win it would mean a lot to me. Sometimes you have to call in for back up, and if Fran can freakin pray for britt spears everynight then girls you better pray for me and the cubs(we basically go hand in hand)!!!! I have to have this all work out i just have to!

ps i am going home to the ling if anyone wants to jump on a train with me... also grandma's b day is tomorrow if that is more incentive give me a ring!