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Comin' up roses, dahling.

photo courtesy of our friend Patrashbag.

Oh, honey. We have never wished to be more than a fly on the wall at the home of any of the Osbournes. Zip in. Zip out. Spy on things through our compound eyes. Maybe take a little fly poo, and then shoo.

But this photo makes us think 'on second thought, maybe Kelly Osbourne should be our new best friend.' Toting a pretty buncha roses and a pug wearing a shirt? Posh fur trimmed coat and pretty red lips? Lord of the flies! Supa dupa fly, Mizz Ozzyb.


Anonymous said...

love it. need some pug love in my life right about now.

pj trashbag

Anonymous said...

Ok I have never hated Kelly, but I have only just begun to love her! I literally cant wait until I have enough money to blow on beautiful flowers like these, I love flowers!
I love them so much that I'm seriously considering quitting my job and opening up a greenhouse! It would be a good plan for two reasons: one I would never have to pay reeeediculous flower fees at stupid chain stores such as dominicks or jewel, and two if any yuppyass hybrid driving, gore loving, dicaprio discussing green wannabies ever tried to puke thier green bullshit all over me I would be able to green them out of the water... "hey bitches i have a GREENhouse booyahhkasha"


Anonymous said...

Start purchasing flowers at Trader Joe's. Kelly would. Oh how I miss TJ's.

or meet a boy to buy you flowers. i haven't come across any to buy me them yet but it's an idea.