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Hot Diggity-Doug

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We here at the Frances and Judy Show love hot dogs. 'No secret there,' you might lovingly chuckle to yourself. 'They sure do,' you may snort out loud. But any way you grill it, we heart hot dogs and we don't settle for anything less than the juiciest (unless it's 3a.m. and we're really jonesin').
Enter Hot Doug's. This dandy Chicago establishment not only serves one helluva Chicago-Style, it also creates some of the most creative yet still utterly blissful hot dog concoctions EVER. Plus, our buddy Doug uses the freshest of fresh ingredients and smiles when he serves us. (*sigh* starry eyes hot dog love *sigh*).
Some of the deliciously yummy-sounding specials on el menu:
1. Mexican Chorizo with Jalapeño Mayonnaise and Hanañero-Jack Cheese
2. Roasted Pepper and Garlic Chicken Sausage with Roasted Garlic Dijonnaise and Goat-Cheese Stuffed Green Olives
3. Spinach and Feta Chicken Sausage with Tapenade Aioli and Feta Cheese

Clearly we like the heavy, cheese & sauce-laden ones. But whatever blows your hair back, Doug will have it and Doug will serve it up fresh as a spring rose.

We are, indeed, smitten. And so you should as well. Hit it up, and let us know of some other fab hot diggity sources in Chicago and the wide world beyond.


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