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2 Cents Thursday

photo love

In today's edition of WTF Thursday, we bring you some cereal monstrosity mental kidnapped-thinking. For real.

Take our good girlie friends J (not Jude) & L. J & L were fun, bad-but-oh-so-good girls in high school. They liked to frolick and play but stuck to monogamy through and through when presented with real live dates. Well, J & L were in for quite the weekend when, as darling cherub sophomores, these two lucky lasses were invited to junior prom by two manly members of the Power Party (aka popular players).

Now, J & L were pleased as spiked punch until, on the Sunday drive to the habitual post-prom picnic, the cocky cads started comparing notes on what they liked in girls of all kind.

Cocky Cad #1: See, I like my women different every day. A little variety, ya know?
Cocky Cad #2: Yea, man, like cereal.
CC1: Say what?
CC2: Ya know, like, nobody wants to wake up and have the same kind of cereal every damn day.
CC1: Awww... Hell, yea, man! Hell yea.

And our J & L were just so stunned they forgot to scramble outta the car. So instead they got piss drunk and ate hot dogs to their hearts' content. Because who needs a bunch of players with bad accents when they can have real men who eat hearty oatmeal in the morns?



Amanda said...

phew...i think i'm all caught up now. couple weeks ago my computer at work got infested with MAJOR porn and had to get completely wiped out. So I lost FJ Show as my homepage for awhile. Until tonight, I get home open a bottle of wine and log into my favorite blog, much better than the porn that attached me!! I feel much better now. Thanks! love you

Ben said...

Porn attached me once, too. ;)

*a said...

so...once upon a most favourite sissy poopoo and i went all around the small little village of stermixalot w/a bowl of fruit loops. we took pictures of this bowl of fruit loops in all sorts of compromising the stacks at the stermixalot bibliotech, on a clanky old swing, um...there were lots of other pics as well....i just can 't recall them all at the moment.

anyway....your pic on this blog reminded me of that day. ahhhhh.....

oh..and i could eat the same cereal for about a month at a time. then i'd have to switch.

i'll start december off w/cheerios (plain jane please)
january - grape nuts (yes...i actually like actually.)
february - rice or corn chex

judithe & francine said...

Arghh! I love Grape Nuts! And I love your sissypoo!
What are your turkey plans, darling?

*a said...

will be in boulder for both tday and cmas this year. am going to eat myself silly on thursday since i am going to a lunch thanksgiving feast and then a dinner thanksgiving feast....and then i think we're going to play some flippy cup. because we're 21 of course. hahaha!!!!

judithe & francine said...

Woah, a very Boulder holidays! So fun, soak it up, soak it in, eat some turkey and then watch from TV!

judithe & francine said...

PS - *a, don't joke about flippy cup. You know you're only 16. Now be careful driving to bible study, you sassy lass, you.