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Saucy lips to kiss & drink with.

embellish yourselves my dear good person.
adorn yourselves.
make yourselves beautiful.
-noni jabavu

With this thought in mind, glam yourself up girls. If you can't afford the Louie attire ala Miss ScarJo ( p.s. we know everyone thinks she is like some sassy brassy hussy but we kinda love her still), hit the MAC counter and try out Viva Glam VI Lipglass. It's sex-diva-boom-bing-bamlicious and looks universally good (like we were a bridesmaid a few weeks ago, and all the bridesmaids shared this color whilst powdering our noses together in the ladies'.... and uh, let's just say we practically set the church on fire with our hotness). This shade seriously makes your lips look ScarJo-meets-husband stealer Jolie sexy and voluptous. And it's good to feel a little scandalous every now and again. Just make sure he's single. Or at least separated, honey.



amanda said...

"or at least seperated" fo sure

*a said...

i like the lipglass a lot....but sometimes that shizz is just toooooooo dam sticky. don't get me wrong.....i luv a sticky gloss. but like i said it's gorilla glue sticky!

while we're on the subject of gloss.....if you guys don't have a good black nail polish and you're in the market.....race out to target or wal-mart and get the NYC brand in black or onyx..whatever they're calling it. i have tried every stinking black known to man (i'm not kidding....OPI, essie, chanel black satin.....). and the NYC $1 polish is the best!

judithe & francine said...

Good to know, lovely *a. We also just LOVE OPI's 'Lincoln Park After Dark.' Makes us feel sexy in the most Chicago-ish LP way.

*f & j

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with the lipglass comment.
i suggest regular lip stick, chanel, topped with chanel lip gloss same color. not sticky at all. basically amazing and worth the price. lasts about 6 months with everyday use and you'll never lose it bc you spent good money on it.


*a said...

have you tried chanel glossimer lip glosses?! i left nordstrom w/mine and promptly applied a healthy dose once in the car. and while i was driving home i was so mesmerized by my glimmering lips in the rearview that i thought i might crash my car. they were blindingly distracting! it was FAB!

and girls....i dig the 'lincoln park....' as well! that one has a hint o purple in it doesn't it?