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Help, Help Me Rhonda!

photo love

A query, deary poppit moppets, from our darlingest of dear pals, via email:

"Do you have any tips on picking up women who you only know from sitting nearby them in class? Note, I've never spoken to this girl in my life. She gave me a look (the carnal kind) the other day. And she was wearing bomb-ass red cowboy style boots. I'm smitten like a 2-digit glove."

Oh, oh, oh! Our hearts exploded with glee and giddiness at the prospect of new love blossoms with a girl who wears red cowboy boots. Because, really, does it get any better?

So, bunnies: what's your advice (Besides doing the two-step naked in front of class and passing out condom-covered bananas on birthdays. That is so 2006)?


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