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Hello! My Name is Myself.

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A few days ago, our dear friend Michigan Marky sent out an email to our shared study abroad friend group. This boy is majorly smart. Works marjorly hard. And is majorly fun. Majorly. Totally. For sure. Rad. Okay that's good.

So, recently, Mark decided to take it down on a notch on the whole drinking thing. Like, a motorcycle to a ten-speed. A H3 to a skateboard. He's like going green about drinking, kinda. BUT. The way he made this announcement was just sortta fucking hilarious. We just had to share it:

So, about two weeks ago I decided it was time to setup a meeting with myself to go over a few "personal issues". I logged onto my Outlook Calendar which basically runs and controls my life from about 7am to 9pm Monday - Saturday... and thankfully found a 15 minute gap on a Tuesday, October 30th, so I added myself to the meeting and set it to private. Come Tuesday at 1:15pm, 5 minutes before the meeting I found myself sweating bullets and bout ready to drop a load in my pants. Why you ask? Why am shitting my pants over a meeting with myself? Well, I knew the dreadful day of reckoning was bout to hit and so-called responsible Mark was bout to take over. 1:20pm hit, so i grabbed myself by the collar and dragged my sweaty, turtlehead ass to the 1st floor Starbucks, sat myself down, looked myself in the eyes and almost slapped myself. "Mark", I said..."Its time to realize drink yourself to stupidity each and every weekend, wake up in the morning hung-over, puking, and clueless what you did the night before or for that matter who you did (jk)." I shrugged my shoulders, put my head down and nodded. I said, "Its time to call it quits".

*Plus, (True or False) does your planner rule your life like it does Mark's and ours? When did we become responsible adults? We still crave Pixie Stix and middle recess. Ugh. But we commend and give much respek to Marky. What a brave soul to face his own self in a meeting, especially when he really had to take a poo (from the sound of it).


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*a said...

i just had a saturday night where i rolled the blank tape. spotty recollection at best.
ugh....why o why?