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Organizing Turns Us On, Part Deux

We're not particularly clean or well-kept, but we are pretty durned organized, and my, how it delights and makes our soul tickle with glee. It makes us feel as though we can relax, sleep soundly at night and conquer the world come early morn. As though we can easily compartmentalize our worries and our frets just as we organized our tax documents and our recipes. All the friend commitments and long talks needed and feelings to consider and people to make happy - boom, each in a neat little binder with sticky notes and neatly color-coded binder tabs to match:

*Blue for feelings
*Red for phone calls and emails
*Yellow for presents and flowers and letters to send
*Purple for happy-making

And so, quite naturally, we about passed out with glee when we saw this fine little missive in the hallowed halls of Russell+Hazel:

"The hardest part about tackling the big stuff in life is knowing where to begin. Things like starting a business, writing a novel or changing careers can scare you into stopping before you even start... The secret is to break down the scary goal into less scary pieces, and repeat until each of the pieces are well within reach... As a rule, try to break down your goals until each of the pieces can be accomplished in under an hour. Then just line 'em up and knock 'em down."

So take one down, knock it around, and sleep soundly at night. You have much conquering in your future, lassies and lads.


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