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Our Christmas Wish List

Okay, now, really. It's far too early in the sky for thoughts of what will be under the Christmas tree this year for us... But since the wide windfull (definition: full of wind and air all things light and airy... and often pretty) world of retail has wholeheartedly unleashed the holidays, we must respond.

Because there is a ginormous Christmas tree in front of our building. Because there are faux (definition: empty) Christmas gifts wrapped and waiting in our building's lobby. Because we secretly (it's not really a secret. at all, really) adore Christmas and all the holly, bells, snow, twinkly lights, and pressure it brings forth, even though we are supposed to roll our eyes and dye our hair black and be alternative in the face of such mainstream holi-fucking-day cheer.

And so. Our Christmas wish list this year:

1. one more HP
2. that incident in the fourth grade involving the frogs and the field trip and Celina Benson to be forever blotted from everyone's memory
c. our very own, for whenever and whatever
9. soundproof toilet seats
y. a built-into-ourselves ipod
z. wings
174. a giant field of purple feathers and chocolate-covered bacon and sitting in the middle zach morris, aragorn & dillon mckay, playing cards and reciting poetry while prince performs live behind them wearing nothing but a red velvet cape and a hat made of monkeys
8. someone to peel our oranges for us (we have wanted this since we were 12, but alas, it has never happened)
22. another cupcake

What do you want for Christmas, moonpie magees?



Anonymous said...


I want my very own computerdora
a canon rebel XTi
a photo booth
a hot air balloon
a trip to the virgin Islands
dimond stud earings
a king size bed
a walk in closet

Now for the animals:
a pot bellied piggy
a monkey (duh)
a rat
a great dane
a de-clawed tiger
and a baby seal

Now for the reasonable i might actually get a couple of these things:

Fake Hair
work wintery clothes
long underwear
boots the flat ones
a cd player
a cat sratch post
happy heart perfume
super model perfume
silver engraved braclet


Anonymous said...

Wow was that a little too much or WHAT>

Ben said...

I want a robot with a gun that shoots Jameson into my mouth.

judithe & francine said...

Please fill in story on Celina Benson. I faintly remember something insanely awesome but not exactly. Please share!

P.S. Celina Benson wrote in my 7th grade yearbook "shoot for the WNBA" and I thought that was pretty cool she thought I had mad game. Until I saw she wrote it in everyone else's 7th grade yearbook as well.


judithe & francine said...
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judithe & francine said...

Hales, I think I'm going to copy and paste your wish list into an email to be sent to me mudda. I heart photo booths, and pot bellied pigs. Swoon. Sigh. Repeat.

judithe & francine said...

And the robot shall be dressed as Screech, and it shall have two rotating guns, one with Jameson and one with Mountain Dew.
Class dismissed.

*a said...

i love haley's list!!!

i'm going to copy some!

a new camera...a rully rully fance dancy one.
a photo booth (the old kind...not anything new fangeled)
some jewels (i'm not too particular...but they gotta be BIG)
a chloe bag
a very very chic motorcycle jacket
a cruiser bike
a hot hot vintage old man watch
a trip to bora bora

ps....what is super model perfume? i may want some of that too. hahaha!