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Son of an Itch.

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Lately, have you been sortta feelin' like: Wintertime is comin' creepy crawlin' dead skin is fallin' cursin' and callin' and son of a building block or son of an itch, this is just terrible, shut the front door and holy coldness Batman, my skin is itchier than a muthafuggin' bitch!!?

What is up with that? Sweet Baby James, is this just Chicago or like happenin' eerwhere? Ve don't know what to do! But we fill like a party of red ants are givin' us the itchy bageechies and ve do not like it vone bit! Sometimes seasons changin' makes for a mad world, Gary Jules. Ve just want to fly to the moon with Jude today and be moonlight ladies. And eat cupcakes. Hmmpf!



*a said...

'tis unseasonably warm here so no itching on this western front. but soon....soon the itch will come.

Anonymous said...

zounds to me like za beginningz of da creepy crawliezzz