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A Tuesday Truth

photo love

Do you ever feel like the tiniest mouse in a big, big world of cheese? Do you ever feel like you're drowning in Gouda? Suffocating in Swiss? Enclosed by Gorgonzola? (If not, can you at least admit the photo above is just adorable!)

Well, today we feel a little like the little bitty balls mouse. Not having such a Ruby Tuesday. Took off our rose-colored lenses. Not dreaming of sugarplums or white picket fences. Nope, not today.

So, to cheer ourselves up- we put this tune on. And we turned it up. Cranked it. Real loud. Belted it. Had a hard time not smiling after that. Just try and take yourself too seriously with Chaka, try it. Oh, life. Sometimes you really do just have to say wtf!



*a said...

my stinking tuesday will not end! i am still at work!!! it's 7:30pm!!!! talk about a rat in a race! a hamster spinning on her blasted wheel! it's me!
i'm supposed to be downing crooked waters and chatting it up. not type type typeing away.
ok..i'm leaving now.

judithe & francine said...

have mercy on our dear sweet *a.
let her eat pancakes and waffles and drink endless chardonnay. she is good she is funny she should not have to work late just to make her boss some money.

all things under heath ledger,

p.s. also please make her start a blog so we can all be a one blig bloggity bunny family together. she would be excellent and inspiring! and blow wind in people's sails all over the universe! so serious.

*a said...

ahhhhh! today is a new day.
i kicked & shuffled my way through as many leaves as i could on my walk to work today.
i breathed in the good air.
all the while crunching a honey crisp apple purchased at the last farmer's market of the season.
a wednesday has never started so refreshingly.
i'm optimistic kittens.

oh....and i'm, honest to god, wearing all clean clothes! how's that for refreshing!!!


judithe & francine said...

I LIVE each day of my life

for honey crisp apples.

ve are soulmates me thinks!