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Some Of You Will Really Hate This Song

We know, things change. We threw out the Top Gun baseball hat and scrunchies when our first issue of Seventeen arrived in the mail. We donated The Bodyguard soundtrack to Goodwill, where it probably still sits in a bin, waiting for someone to love it as much as we loved that booming sound just before Whitney belts out the third chorus of 'and iiii...'. We mailed our comic book collection to a crush we had in junior high, hoping to win him over but only losing Wolverine (in plastic sleeves, mind you).*

And we know, some things never change. We still love airports, and all the possibilities they hold. We still get quiet when we feel intimidated and can't take a joke to save our life. We still, on some days and in certain moments, wish we were cooler than we are. We still love Neil Young and Bobby D. (because, as Emma put it so eloquently in the divine Love Actually (because we still love romantic comedies), true love lasts a lifetime.).

So yes, our taste has changed over the years, but our general leanings remain pretty solidly intact. And so, the same rings true for the songs that make us stop and hold our breath. Some of them are really quality music from really quality musicians. But some, alas, are not (ahem, that one fab electro track on Zombies' crapfest of an album). We will always be a sucker chick for a cliche pop tune with a catchy beat. And so, we have now explained the presence of the above song, brought to you in video form, unfortunately. And so you have above Timbaland's kissably perfect fine-tuning of OneRepublic's 'Apologize.' Press play, but please try to ignore the supreme douchiness of the lead singer's repeated molestations of the camera lens (or that general vicinity).*

Thank you, and have a nice day.


*Er, wait, we might still be pissed about this one.

*We mean, seriously, what is he doing?! Has he even seen someone accomplish a smoldering look? Has he ever seen a Sting or U2 video? We are frightened for him, and all that his future brings him, douchebag looks and all.


Care said...

Hehehehehe! You're so cute Mag. Your lovings have enriched us all along the way...Bodyguard and Top Gun times one billion especially. And I love this song too, it's on the radio...yes I listen to the radio...all the time. xoxoxoox

judithe & francine said...

I love the truthiness in this post jude. love to read the dirty truth on things, so refreshing. did you know last year they added truthiness to the dictio and this year they added woot? the word woot was added. senseless pop cultch trivia infects my brain everyday of my gd life. love you pegster.

xoxo *f