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There Must Be Some Toros in the Atmosphere

Our wintery morn commute involves two buses and a small but sufficient amount of trekking through the snow, no sleigh handy anywhere (though we continue to look for that shimmer of a sleigh and listen for those tinkling of bells). Us being the smarty bunny we are, we thought ahead for this blustery season that is now upon us. 'Ho, ho! No problem here! We'll just don our pretty rain boots in darling hunter green, and frolick in the snow all we please!' (This is, in fact, how we speak to ourselves. Sometimes aloud, sometimes in soft whispers and sometimes in our head. But regardless, most sentences to ourselves do begin with a 'Ho, ho!' and continue with lots of exclamation points. Because really dearies, that is the only way to live.)
Ahem. Except for one humble pie of a hiccup - rain boots are not cold-proof. Yes indeedy, they keep out the cold wetness that is melted slushy snow. But. But. They do not keep your toes toasty or your feet feeling wintery warm.

And so. We need some wintery warm boots. And, deary crumpets, if we could have our pick of well-made, snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug winter boots, we would choose one of these pretties. The gems above is so very 1960's, Dylan's The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan cover, while the pair below are so very chestnuts-roasting, Gap Ad golden delicious.

How do you keep warm through the holidays, moppets? Besides a hot toddy here and there and everywhere, that is.



c said...

Ooh I love the boots, especially the 1st pair. I have a pair of toasty warm Sorel's that are warm but oh so unstylish...think 90yo grandpa shoveling snow but I rock them nonetheless.

Someone told me the other day that Santa's at a department store out west somewhere can't say "ho ho" anymore b/c it means slut, but they can say "hee hee"! haha!


Care said...

that last one was from me, fingers are slow.

p.s. Love the title of this post!! Ah, KD at her best. "Listen Missy!"

Care said...

that last one was from me, fingers are slow.

p.s. Love the title of this post!! Ah, KD at her best. "Listen Missy!"

judithe & francine said...

OMG "Listen Missy" - We so love when she says that!!!! Aghhh... Er, we mean Ho, ho, ho... Er, we mean hee, hee?

Anonymous said...

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