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dealbreaker. noun.
any issue or factor that is significant enough to terminate a negotiation, especially in business or politics.

Sometimes there is a breaking point. Literally, figuratively- whatever. Some breaking words. A broken promise. Your car breaks down. Your job becomes unbearable and you hate it (for more than five days in a row= The Rule To Know When To Quit, according to some wise friends of ours). The dealbreaker is your innate ability to tell yourself "okay kid, that's enough." It's your abililty to hang onto your last thread of self-respect. It's what happens when you experience that moment with a friend- in which your relationship is scarred forever. And maybe it ends for good. But without a doubt, it changes for good. In some ways, it's an unreliability in sharing in an unconditional relationship. It's sad. It's human. And it's a matter of some sort of equilibrium being off balance. A give and a take take take take. Recklessness. Sloppiness. Human Nature. A careless regard toward word choice. Which is quite literally one of The Only Things we can control (word choice). How powerful is that? Powerful enough to call some deals off.

What are your dealbreakers? What caused you to get there? So you uprooted and moved. Cause you couldn't be anywhere near Bobby the Plague or Brenda the Bottom Feeder anymore. So you quit your job and started selling your own furniture. Or went back to school. You got divorced. You disconnected for good. What caused it? How can we avoid it? Can we avoid it?



Anonymous said...

Don't know if it can be avoided, but some dealbreakers for me are:

Being continually and perpetually embarrassed by someone or something(and for me, especially for me, pure and true embarrassment is hard to get to) So if it does seem to be happening frequently for wahtever reason, I walk!

Oh and I can't do or be around long toenails, hair growing out of the TIP, yes I said tip, of people's noses, or people in the service industry that just can't mange to do thier MAIN task of.... being nice to customers. A smile can go a long way and that's no lie!!!


lauren h. said...

great question yabs. maybe for me it has been lack of effort shown on the other person's part. when i'm trying and trying to connect with them....and they're just not...i call it quits. because really, who likes to feel like a groupie??
maybe this could be re-worded to say: when they're too cool and i'm just not. (nat. dorks foreva!!)

*a said...

i really don't think it's too much to ask.