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A Halo of Humidifiers For All!

It is so unbelievably, wretchedly, endlessly dry in our world this week, our only wish last night as every sip of water was making us suspiciously more thirsty, was to have a halo of humidifiers built for us so we could breathe easy everywhere we went. We would never take it off, not until the first day of true blue spring when we would once again have magically luscious skin, flowing hair and no more stuffed up heads.
And that, lovely cherry pies, is our wish for the day, if we could have only one. What would yours be? Free cab rides for a year? Unlimited hot dogs for a month? Lots of money? Do tell, do tell.


Howard said...

I love the free cab rides for a year... how about being driven around in a classic car for one year.

Anonymous said...

how bout a hut on a beach and a bed in the sand and a hammock hanging on one of those weird horizontal palm trees you only see in calenders and screen savers!


judithe & francine said...

Yes, yes! How bout the classic car drives us to the the hut on the beach and it also has a huge fridge next to the hammock stocked with our favorite drinks. And Doritos, but in our world they don't give us bad breath or make our stomachs hurt. Or stain our fingers.

judithe & francine said...

That humidifer is totally TDF!

By the way I got a humidi for Christmas. Was so pleased. Excited. Ecstatic that life would soon change but...

Fran: "Do you feel more hydrated, more refreshed, smoother skinned, and shinier haired?"
Pedefish: "No."
Fran: "Me either, but we will eventually I bet."

But I still wake up thirsty!