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Sad, Silent, Too Soon.

we wanna take a moment of sad silence on
the f & j show for heath ledger. cause anyone
that knows us knows we really really liked
this dude. liked his films, his style, and well
he was kinda our celeb lobster, we thought.
so sad, too soon.


*a said...

in some pics he was jim's doppelganger.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that I am actually really sad about his death. It poses weird media, celebrity, fatherly,instinct questions in my brain. Why am I am so sad? I don't know him and I don't know why I feel like I need to KNOW how and why. I feel like I need to pray for everyone that did know him and everything that his odd death proves to be wrong with our world. Brad Renfro died only a week ago but because he was one of the "bad" guys I feel nothing, but Heath being dead makes me feel true sadness? WHY? How can people think it is ok to to stalk down the family, the freinds, the lovers just so the me's of the world will feel the sad tiredness radiating through the pics and words... so that we can also feel and maybe KNOW on some level. WHY do I want to know how sad people who knew a guy that I didnt know at all, feel? WHY!!? Is it because was unbelievably sexy and seemingly cool, is it because he was a Daddy, is it becasue he had to still be sad about his split with Michelle, or is it because we live in a world where fictional characters leak over into what we think we know about the persons playing make believe for all to see. I feel like I know him, I watched his movies, I saw his interviews, I looked at his pictures, and I read the speculations... I must know him right?

NO, I don't but I don't have to I am sad for the people who loved him in any way, and I am sad for how confused celebrity life and media makes me angry,wanting,and needing more of thier JUNK!


judithe & francine said...

Hales, puleeeease start a blog. Please. I will read it each and every time you post, no matter how often or how infrequent.
And right on about your comment. Maybe also because he's the first 'good' guy who is our generation, our age?

judithe & francine said...

*a, he was TOTALLY Jim's doppelganger!! Him and Art, of course. Weeeird...