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2nd Star & Straight On Till the Orient

Where would you go, if you had everything in front of you? Where would you venture, if money didn't matter and time was all you had? Some would choose the moon, some would choose the sea, some would choose pretty black mountains to climb away to the very same moon.
But we, we cannot choose. Maybe because money does matter, and maybe because time is not all we have, but definitely maybe because there are so many wonderful places we want to walk through and live through during this little ol' life of ours. But you see, don't you see, India's too security warning-heavy, vietnam is too monsoon-ensconsed, and New Zealand is too pricey. So where would we go, if we knew we'd only be going once, just once, in our deary little lifetime?
Maybe South Africa,
maybe Brazil.
Maybe Morocco
to the pretty-ditty land of Fes.
Who knows, but then again, why not throw back to the good ol' days. Really now, how de lovely would it be to go on an adventure on rail? A divine, old-school throwback to the times of ladies in frocks and liquid eyeliner and dining cars in which you sing about washing your hair with the snow in Vermont. The days of Harry Potter.
Well hello and how are you to the very fine Orient-Express. Can't you just feel Ms. Christie getting chills and thrills of excitement down her pretty little spine?
And if money didn't matter (which it shouldn't) and spending wasn't no thing (which it shouldn't be), then we think we just might embark upon such a journey, skirting through the wide wicked world of Italy sunsets and inviting grape fields and pretty women in colorful scarves.


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