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It's a digital age, man. So to you we present our virtual talk show of Nonsense: The Silly. The Beautiful. The True. In our own words or those quoted by others. With our own art or that created by others. We will laugh. We will smile. We will entertain you all the while. So grab a drink, come in and let's chat. We'd like to meet you, your mama, and your hot cousin Fred.


Rainbow Brain Daisy Chain Questions Sortta Vain

dear puppies & bunnies and fam,
it tis frances pimp bitch here, the artist formely known as the mistress to the late heath ledger, and founder of the The Society Club for Chicagoan Gypsies and Wanderers Club.

which, sure you can join if you come bearing a stiff entrance fee or stiff vodka-daisy drink. pick your poison, one more geese in the gander ain't gonna do nuthin.' the rules are 1) we drink club soda 2) hang at the country club in our minds in slutty tennis clawsss 3) eat club sandwiches euro style 4) do not club seals (but we hit da club wit fiddy ya know what we're saying ya know what we're saying. ahhhhh yeah). deez are da rulez.

but the main thing behind this meeting today is...well let us tell you a story. a story that goes like this: today we had no time to write on the thursday edish of f & j. the end. goodbye. we kid we kid! not goodbye just good luck. no but really really really what we is wondering is these things down below. have a parent or guardian give you consent if you is an illegal bitch. and if you is a bastard, well we do apologize on behalf of your slutty parents.

NOW RESPOND PEOPLE. we beg we beg. And we'll waive your entry fee.

a) do you like to read f & j's blog on thursdays
b) would you rather read it daily but let's just say it might not be updated daily but more like when it is we get to it but we promise it would be ultra sexually active in blog terms that is
*) are you not really paying attention you are sort of lazy-eyed and perverted
d) do you eat peanuts and mayonaise daily, if you do gross
3) did you see the lunar eclipse? did you know there's more than 100 moons in our galaxy? isn't galaxy a cool word


p.s. respond!


K Schizzy Rosalita said...

a) I like when you blog everyday of the week but since you can't you could when you had time. On the flip-side, Thursdays are my favorite days (for cereal) so you just added another reason as to why (the others being: almost the weekend, good sitcoms on the tele, it's Thursday now and I may be tipsy off really good wine and the day "Thursday" always seems to carry good kharma
b) you do what you gotta do and we will all accept that happily
c) I HATE mayo. HATE HATE HATE it. Also creamed corn and olives but peanuts aren't bad so don't judge on that.

Anonymous said...

I liked it everyday as well, but i also like it on thurs, but only if you have a lot of stuff for me to think,play,laugh with!

It you are too busy or sick of blogging, than simple as smores in the microwave...JUST DONT!
This started off for you two not for job haters, or belly achers.
So do what makes ya feel calm and happy! If you feel obligated in things other than money makin, ya got some probs to figure out anyway!

And yes lunar luney tuney good times in the Cabrini grey hood, yay to the moon for doing cool things every once in a while!!!

that the word goofies!!


*a said...

1. i love club soda...thanks for asking. and club sammiches! what a perfect combo.
2. i love f&j's blog any which way i can get it. i sorta look forward to thursdays...but did love the everyday experience as well.
3. last night for dinner i stood at the kitchen counter and ate (out of the jar) pickles....the whole but miniature kind with wheat thins and cream cheese.......HEAVEN! no mayo for me though.
4. i also love fish fry night....which is today.....t-minus 2 hours! yippee!
5. i just started loving olives!!!! i am in love w/the olive. i hated that bitch for so long...and then's like having a mini snack right in your cocktail! perfection!

lauren h. said...

1) i love fran and jude...any ol' day of the week.
d)confession: i like mayo...on many things...and when i order a sub i say "extra mayo", but in a quiet voice b/c i haven't quite owned my love for mayo yet.
III) that picture makes me laugh like this: "hahahahaaha"
5) this one goes out to fran/brandy: "The boooyy is need to give it up, i've had about enough..." K?

Anonymous said...

i found the move to Thursdays take my "f&j jonesin'" from the frontal lobe area to the back a the bus, you know, where rosa parks refused to sit...
but i also think its great when i do say to myself "what the hell are those crazy yotches f&j up to?", and i come check out the bliggity blog bloggity...
i can only suggest to keep it real, keep it gangsta

peace in the mid east
-moose knuckle

Care said...

hi pretties,
i prefer the bloggy every day. b/c, and i know this sounds un-f&j-ish, but i feel pressure to read it all on thursdays. and like if i don't get on on thurs i'll miss the fun...whereas when it's everyday, even if it's not actually every day, i can pull it up and see what's shakin and post comments whenevs without missing out on the magic day. i think if you do like doing it just one day though, maybe switch to monday so then we'll all have something to look forward to on mondays.

lunar eclipse was great! brought back memories of sitting by the RR w/ Spencer's "water" butter popcorn w/ Grandpa E watching eclipses of days past.