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D'Nile Ain't Just a River in Egypt

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Heh, heh. Sometimes our headlines make us chuckle like an old man with smelly suspenders. So, check out this little ditty from the NYTimes. It made us think, it made us ponder, it made us snap our suspenders like an excited school girl:

...In this emerging view, social scientists see denial on a broader spectrum — from benign inattention to passive acknowledgment to full-blown, willful blindness — on the part of couples, social groups and organizations, as well as individuals. Seeing denial in this way, some scientists argue, helps clarify when it is wise to manage a difficult person or personal situation, and when it threatens to become a kind of infectious silent trance that can make hypocrites of otherwise forthright people. ...

On that note, we tried to remove our denial from our brains, and think about what we are, thru and thru...

We're a bookwhore,
we're a wine whore,
we're a cellphone ignore button-pusher whore.

We like peace,
we like quiet,
we don't like surface level chats.

We love taking showers,
we hate washing our hair.
We will eat that dip until you yank it out
of our clenched fucking fists.



Anonymous said...

here here or is it hear hear, like as in, "i hear that"?


Anonymous said...

don't forget absolutely fabulous...great post!

*a said...

are you referring to the 7 layer bean dip we always indulge in while hanging out in your parent's kitchen?
actually...i'm w/ya on pretty much any dip. hehehe!
i'm a dipwhore, glosswhore, pizzamargaritewhore and vodkawhore. and i like it.

judithe & francine said...

ahh, the wonderful worlds of whores. i concur on all of your whoreous attributes, and oh my god one weeknight last winter i made that taco dip and an hour later it was gone. GONE.

judithe & francine said...

hales, i love you.

just sayin'.