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Ode To My Jude.

Judy Strikes Pose at Friday Night Soiree; Launches Supermodelly Career
By Frances Parker School Bitchmobile Skanktown, THE DAILY FRANCES

CHICAGO, Il.-- Are you kidding us?
This broad is beautiful! Mostly known for being a lovely philosophically-inclined, goodhearted-to-the-core, brainy heady think tankyness- utterly obsessed with reading, and intrinsically programmed to write. Intrinsically programmed to write very, very well. But now, Judith Loomis Pound Shel-Silverstein, a genuine Sterlingite, can add "Supermodel" to the bullet points on her resume, as well.

In just a few clicks on a typical wine-and-cheese Friday night, Chicago's resident freelance shutterbug Kati Kaup captured a classic moment. An "Audrey" update with a mod twist. A little more naturale, a little more undone, much more bohemian and now. Judy is the new It girl. She is the thinking man's newest pinup. A delightful sight and a delightful soul, Judy represents the modern day woman: dualing feminity with strength, aptitude, attitude, and grace. Watchout world.


*a said...

mags look h.o.t.

judithe & francine said...

frankie, you're a-making me blush. heart heart heart you, and it is truly wonderous, the depths of kati's photog talent.

manda said...

cheers to the jude

e said...

You look fabulous darling - as always!