This Is About.

It's a digital age, man. So to you we present our virtual talk show of Nonsense: The Silly. The Beautiful. The True. In our own words or those quoted by others. With our own art or that created by others. We will laugh. We will smile. We will entertain you all the while. So grab a drink, come in and let's chat. We'd like to meet you, your mama, and your hot cousin Fred.


We Dedicate The Following Song To:

This Vespa. The Gap version. It is a thing of beauty love color and we need it. Therefore we dedicate "My Love" by Justin Timberlake, to our future Vespa of Happiness.

If I wrote you a symphony Vespa, Just to say how much you mean to me (what would you do?) If I told you you were beautiful would you date me on the regular (tell me, would you?) Well, Vespa I've been around the world but I ain't seen myself another Vespa (like you) I can see us holding hands, walking on the beach, our toes in the sand. I can see us on the countryside, sitting on the grass, laying side by side. You could be my Vespa, let me make you my Vespa, you amaze me. Ain't gotta do nothing crazy, see, all I want you to do is be my love.


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