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Nothing Says Sexy Like Havin' Smarts

Photo love: Mor

We just swooned. Netflix... for books. !!! It's called BookSwim, and oh deary-dear readers, we are about to save ourselves loads of dollar bills, Amazon visits and panic sweats when choosing between two equally sexy books.
Two darling features we're especially loving...

1. 150,000+ books are in the library so far
2. If you really fall in love (or lust), you can choose to buy the book instead of sending back.*

You can't sign up quite yet, though. So many book lovas are excited, the company can't handle us. But soon, wordsmiths, soon...

*We find #2 a bit devilly-dangerous. The prospects are endless.


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*a said...

WAH!!!! how exciting!! i can't wait!!! you MUST keep us posted!