This Is About.

It's a digital age, man. So to you we present our virtual talk show of Nonsense: The Silly. The Beautiful. The True. In our own words or those quoted by others. With our own art or that created by others. We will laugh. We will smile. We will entertain you all the while. So grab a drink, come in and let's chat. We'd like to meet you, your mama, and your hot cousin Fred.


3 Reasons Why You Should Like Judy

1. She's pretty. And she makes blinky eye faces in photos.
2. She builds forts on Friday nights (they are big too. TONS of room for reading and/or snacking. Sometimes people sleep in there).
3. Her Special Roommate Howe. He says things like 'Everybody watchout!! I'm gonna start talking a lot. I warned you!!' right before he starts drinking his coffee. And then he does start talking a lot. And that is funny.


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