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Bernese Teacup Poodle Pug Love

Sometimes when we are walking along the streets of Chicago and we see little paws pitter-pattering across the sidewalks- we think 'wouldya look at that little lovebug fuzzy furball burst of joy!' And sometimes even though we would never dream of it*, we think we want that puppy to be ours, maybe we will steal him.' But we don't because we are good and noble citizens**.

And so our heart continues to ache for the 'Mops' to our Marie. The 'Hooch' to our Turner. The 'Lassie' to our Timmy. Jude longs for a 'mangy mutt, a really ugly scraggly dog that likes to party and drink beer and stuff.' Howe pines for 'the one at the pound who leaps first at the Frisbee in the air.' While Fran tears at the mere thought of her future pugs (Ruby and Gloria) 'roly-polying and snorting their snouts all around the apartment.'

Everybody hurts. We know this, Michael Stipe. But there is now hope in the desolate hole of pet-less despair. You can now rent a pet! Though not in Chicago (yet), Flexpetz is a service for people whom love dogs but simply can't have them full time. Check 'em out and for the love of good shoes, don't forget your plastic baggies.


*okay, this is not entirely true. we would dream of it but probably not do it.
**that is not entirely true either. but we have had no recent law-official-type of run-ins. that we can recall.


Anonymous said...

OK phsycos especially FRAN, This is haley again and well just do you know i have pug conections whenever you are in place where you can have one...

ALSO i have a little adorable beyond words peice of shit jack/rat terrier that is home all day just waiting wanting wishing and dreaming for you to come play walk fetch dance and snuggle him!!!
whever you want to do any of those things call me!

Kristenmomof3 said...

I think this flexpetz thing is so horrible.

I think laws should be made against it.

What is next? flexKidz? want a child but feel too busy rent one?