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Things just stepped up from broken gold hearts at Claire's boutiques. It's friendship bracelets, 2.0, loves. And it's time to show your love.

We remember not too long ago when it made our day to proudly wear matching BFF necklaces, and equally broke our shallow little hearts to see them adorned around our friends' necks, minus our own. Oh, the sharp pain of wanting to be everyone's bestest friend. But Philip O'Sullivan has got our backs -- and our hearts. He fashions jewelry out of hiking ropes and gunmetal hardware and adds plenty of knots to toss shout-outs to your lovely friends.

We so wanna BFF our man Philip. Check it, Claire's.


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Anonymous said...

Hey girlies...if i had one of these these things it would be covered becasue i know exactly what you mean, i had like six or seven half heart neckless...i just couldn't decide? And plus my mom told me that if someone who really prob wasnt my BFF gave me one i had to wear it to be nice, I can distinctly remember my fourth grade birthday it was the hottest item on the gift list... i think i got like five of them! Thinking about it now the only person that was more fabulously gaudy than me rocking my 25 cheap heart bff neckless collection was my lovely more expensive Grammy!