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It's a digital age, man. So to you we present our virtual talk show of Nonsense: The Silly. The Beautiful. The True. In our own words or those quoted by others. With our own art or that created by others. We will laugh. We will smile. We will entertain you all the while. So grab a drink, come in and let's chat. We'd like to meet you, your mama, and your hot cousin Fred.


BOC Day-to-Night Insight

Sometimes when we are feeling troubled by Life Confusions and are running The Worrywart Fever, we begin drafting an open letter to God. We write out all of our troublesome woes. And it usually goes something like this:

Dear Oprah,
Why do weekends consist of only two actual full days? How do people make those ship-stuffed-in-a-bottle things? What's the answer to figuring out the Rubix Cube? Thank you. You look great by the way.

Your Biggest Fan,

Yet we don't always get the answer back the want we want 'em (instantly through our t.v. screen c/o Harpo Productions). Which is why we kinda like this approach to Life Scaresies via our current BOC:

There's no trouble in the world so serious.
that it can't be cured with a hot bath.
a glass of whiskey.
and the Book of Common Prayer.

-Eat Pray Love

So pass us the bath salts and our prayer book. Bottoms up.


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perfect bound said...

brillant post. love it more than the book. (and I loved the book!)