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Braille Just Got Sexy

photo love: the BLIND, via Wooster

We typically enjoy lounging the afternoon away by scrolling graffiti art sites, sighing with love for these hooded graffiti artists who always seem just out of reach and so sexy and mysterious for it. But no one has more so intrigued us than the BLIND. This clever kid graffitis braille. Yeess, we said braille. And while we've no idea what his pieces say, alas, don't they say so much?

Our sexy sista is a teach at a School for the Blind, and she's the rockstarriest, patientist person we know. Hey Co (or anyone else versed in the classy language that is braille), can you kindly clue us in to what these find pieces say? Because we adore, we adore...



colleenie said...

Hey my lovely ladies...LOVE the Braille graffiti!!! I think it says "l'art toucheen". That's the exact translation anyway, it doesn't look like he is using contracted Braille so I'm pretty sure that's right. It's hard to tell when it's a different language because of punctuation differences. Love you both...Braille graffiti rocks!!

judithe & francine said...

We knew you would know! You are a genuine rock star. Now, if only he brailled in English instead of French...