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I Don't Give a Flyin' Shit About the FBI... So Let's Fly Away

art love, via wooster

Have some extra Post-Its laying around your office? This fab artist turned 'em into wings of a giant office worker bee. We often fantasized about flying around town, and then we saw Radio Flyer and mean fathers scared us out of our imagination for months, and by the time we came back to our senses we had moved on to fantasizing about Brad Renfro teaching us how to smoke cigarettes in the woods while we tried saving a man from committing suicide, only to wind up in court with Susan Surandon as our sexpot lawyer.
Er, did anyone else read The Client five times during the summer of 1994?

And as it seems we've come full circle in life, let's make wings out of post-it notes and fly away... preferable to a place with dive bars and rock music. Sooo, who's comin' with us? Besides Flipper?



Anonymous said...

wow...didn't know that susan was in Rocky Horror...nice link

judithe & francine said...

i'm coming with you jude.

love fran

p.s. i remember the summer we were obsessed with brad renfro very cleary. safe to say he was our muse for a while?