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The Meaning Of All This

Here at The Frances and Judy Show, while we're type-type-typing away wherever we can sneak a chance (we're not picky on the locale) or steal some writing paper (any sort will do), we often mull over our distaste for the word 'blog.'
Come on now. Who let this jump outta their mouths and say, 'Oh yes, that just rolls off the tongue. Let's shorten Weblog to just BLOG.' No one. Because it doesn't. Instead, it just sort of poops out of the mouth and sits there on the table in front of you, waiting to be eaten or tossed in the garbage. And we've been trying the latter for quite some time now. But alas, we can't seem to brainstorm a sufficient, blossoming replacement term. Until now.

Instead of changing the word, let's change how we think of the pooping term. According to Urban Dictionary, 'blog' can mean a number of things. But this one is our favorite, and oh-for-sure what we mean every time we mention le blog or call 'see you on the blog' in sing-song voices as we depart each other's company...

A word that can be used to mean anything.
Especially useful when used as a substitute for a profanity.
Blogg off you loser.
Get Blogged.
What a Blogg.

And mayyybe it can also be a term of endearment, like when 'bad' was used as a compliment for a few months in 1998. Hmmm... if any of you dearies can think of a better term for blog, let us know, you funking bloggs (we mean that in the endearment way. we promise). We're dying here.


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