This Is About.

It's a digital age, man. So to you we present our virtual talk show of Nonsense: The Silly. The Beautiful. The True. In our own words or those quoted by others. With our own art or that created by others. We will laugh. We will smile. We will entertain you all the while. So grab a drink, come in and let's chat. We'd like to meet you, your mama, and your hot cousin Fred.


Our Two Cents

photo love: dana gentile, via the lovely swissmiss

Five Tips To Live By:
1. Stop and smell the roses.
2. If you need to toss your cookies while in those roses, have a friend there to hold your hair back.
3. Black is a very slimming color.
4. If you're uncertain how to proceed in life, just ask, 'What Would Jem Do?'
5. Frankie Says Relax

Anything I've forgotten, dearies?


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