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When In Doubt, Consult The Balls

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When we were little, we would shakity-shack the shit out of our sister's 8-ball and pray that Jake Brandt would ask us to play tetherball with him.

He never did, we got braces (twice) and fast forward 15 years and where the funk is that 8-ball? We need to know what to do where to go who to see, and we need to know now. Top 5 things we would ask the 8-Ball if given the chance right this second:

1. Will life get easier?
2. Are our friends happy? Are our friends happy with us?*
3. Will we ever start thinking for ourselves and stop asking the powers that be to determine our future?
4. Is there any money in goat-herding?
5. Where is the nearest hot dog stand from where we are sitting at work?
*We are allowed to cheat because we were the youngest child of four growing up.



colleenie said...

I have a magic 8 ball (even though I call it the crazy 8 ball because...come's not MAGIC) at work and one at home because I consult the 8 ball for most life decisions...big or small! People think I'm crazy and then all of a sudden they have a burning question for the crazy 8 ball! Target - $9 - you can't go wrong...

ewop said...

I consult the MAGIC 8 ball - Colleenie, it IS *magic*! - for all life decisions big and small. I find it much more fun and ceremonious to call Colleen to have her reference her MAGIC 8 ball - especially when I don't see eye-to-eye with mine.

Just googled "virtual magic 8 ball" - not as satisfying, but not a bad fat-free ranch.

judithe & francine said...

dear judy,

i really like where your heads at in this post. not sure that was grammatically correct but anywayz with a 'z', the magic 8 ball should be reinstated. I also really like #5. When all things go bad, turn to a hot dog for help.

judithe & francine said...

Ewop's right! Co, um, where exactly did you start thinking it is NOT magic?! Magic is LIFE, yo. Er, did I just write that out loud?

colleenie said...

Because it is crazily absolutely on the money honey...every time...(and if not you can always do a "do-over")! Magic is wave a wand and happens. That does not describe the 8 ball. It's CRAZY!!! I just asked the CRAZY 8 ball and it agrees with me...hmmm...imagine that!