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So, Like, What Did You Do Last Night?

Us, we cooked and stuffed a whole chicken after being lured into buying said whole chicken due to its $1.99 price tag. Picture us. We're standing in the raw meat isle, about to throw a $8.99 styrofoamed package of smooth chicken breasts into our cart, when we spot the football-sized beheaded guy to our right. "$1.99?" We say, astounded. "Well, how hard can some extra bones be to cook?"
And then we got home and, with the help of two more experienced chef cohorts, prepared the beast to eat. Two hours later, we felt like we'd just sweated over a Thanksgiving meal and had a handful of shredded meat to show for it. Although the stuffing was excellent.

So what about you darling deary moonpies? What did you get up to last night? Hopefully a rave or two and some bottles of champy. Some of our dearies already shared and, while no raves in sight, we're loving how different everyone's Thursday nights can be sometimes...

Crazy Sally #1:
1. I got a huge slice of chocolate cake smashed on my face at Harvest in the Square.
2. I did a beer bong at a gay bar in mid-town.

Crazy Sally #2:
1. I had a booty call last night from a drunk 40-plus-year-old.
2. Then got sick in the middle of the night from too many dinner drinks at Lux Bar.

Sigh. Let's be young and fancy-free the rest of our days.


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Anonymous said...

Treats Treats and more Treats no for real not only did I eat too many treats throughout the day, but I then went to a place actually called Treats and ate some fat free yogurt. Not to worry I ruined that fat free bosheite with hot fudge, cookie dough, butterfinger, and ur mom!