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It's a digital age, man. So to you we present our virtual talk show of Nonsense: The Silly. The Beautiful. The True. In our own words or those quoted by others. With our own art or that created by others. We will laugh. We will smile. We will entertain you all the while. So grab a drink, come in and let's chat. We'd like to meet you, your mama, and your hot cousin Fred.


To Fab Friends.

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Have you ever thought to yourself 'Self, my job sucks.' Or maybe even 'Self, why did I move to a new city? I sure could use a kindly yet rambunctious friend to keep me company.' And then BAM! all of a sudden a lovely little rebel materializes next to your desk at work? The universe is working in your favor, man. It's karma. Or dogma. Or yoga or something. For sure.

This is what happened to us when we met our friend Trashbag. We knew we would be Bonnie and Clyde-ing it when:

*We found ourselves singing show tunes on an early morning drive to the airport
*We ran in a 5 am Thanksgiving Turkey Trot together. Slightly hungover. Barely finishing.
*Matching charm bracelets. A love for gold. Fashion. Champagne. Marie Antoinette. (Like...we were totally separated at birth.)
*Morning cinnamon dolce lattes swaps
*Trading stories of loving and losing. Mostly just losing. Still losing........And losing.......But kickin' up our heels and laughing all the way (wild women rarely get the blues).

So we just wanted to take a second and give a big 'ol 'Thanks Be To Fab Friends.' Trash just stopped by for a visit to The Windy City, dropped off Eat, Pray, Love for us to read. Requested to become F & J's 'slutty intern' and propositioned us to become her new roommate next year ('in an incredible place where we can become pimps together') when she moves to the city. Yes, this is why we are friends.

Good friends make our world go round. And just complete us on a higher level. And when we tell them to 'wear something slutty' and they say 'I am' and we say 'okay good, me too.' we just know that we were meant to be. And when we are talking about future goals, our hearts' desires, and aspirations and they tell us that in the future they just really want their 'husband to come home from work, swing open the door, and f#$% the shit' out of them- we just know, somehow, that our friendship is solid French Revolution era gold.

Give a shout out to your fav friends. Your T-Mobile Top 5. Your Myspace Top 30. Whatever. Just let them (and us) know why you effing dig them. The world will be prettier.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful time. I heart you, miss you and yes you make my world go round. You make me wanna love life. Hope you feel betta. Come to Denva for vaca, we can spice this city up.

Wonderful times, hotdogs and champy are a girls best friend. Red wine and soda are second in line.

Keep doing what you are doing girls.

Love ya
Trash, PJ, M.A. CDL

Anonymous said...

Ok so you invited us to tell about our fab friends and I thought it would make me happy to tell tell tell.

If you know how or have been accomplice to me breaking in to places with a credit card specifically the backdoor to the school cafeteria, then you are my friend.

If you have start one or twenty dance parties with me at HA larious places such as sit down concerts, poetry cafes, boat docks and lake decks, bars around the world, and living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and even once a bathroom then you are my friend.

If you have fake made out (you know the kind where you wrap your arm around the other persons head and cover up their mouth) with me in a ditch in front of my house so that all the cars (probably like five the whole day) thought we were 10 year old lesbians, then you are my friend.

If you have ever seen me pee my pants then unfortunately for you, you are my friend.

If you have ever drink a whole box of wine with just you and myself and then had a “Tour de Franzia” on stolen bikes then believe you me you are my friend.

If you have ever been so hot that you decided to fill up trash bins with ice cold hose water and sat in that bin with me jamming out by your side then you my friend are my friend!

If you have ever eaten Taco Bell and or ice cream with me until you felt like vomiting everywhere then you certainly are my friend.

If you have ever been involved in a sketchy situation with me involving any of the following: switch blades, diarrhea, the fuzz, close lines, roaring rapids, a car I was driving, waves way too big, the Mexican border, creepo creepy men that follow me everywhere I turn, the homeless, a blind man and a keg, a jet ski, vodka, guns, or dieing seal on a beach then you are fo SHO my friend.

If you have ever made me laugh, smile, pee, cry. If you have ever picked me up on a rough day or literally off the floor after a rough night. If you have ever been there for me or before me. If you have ever taught me something, made me something, bought me something, stole me something, saved the last of something, or encouraged me to do something YOU ARE MY FRIEND!!!

I love all of you and always will

*a said...

ummmm....2 things...well..maybe more.

1. HALEY....can we be friends? this is allison. you sound like a good goddam time gurl!

2. what is this red wine and soda you speak of?

3. there was one more...but i forget now.

judithe & francine said...

Haley, this is the effing funniest post I've read. I have SO seen you pee (I think in Don Pedro's? It's blurry) and plenty of other lovely experiences, FRIEND. Yes, you are a true blue one. Love yous girlie...

judithe & francine said...

Red wine & Soda explanation comin' up!