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Feel Good About Yourself Monday

Adding on to the theme, do you remember any trace of self doubt when you were a kid? We love that little Jude felt like a pretty piece of flesh in her oversized Macker shirt. Look at that righteous little bobot! We also like that we felt no qualms in dressing as a dazzling yellow star, pointy top and all.*

And of course, the Hershey Kiss silver costume was a go-to. We spent hours. Days. Months. In variations of The Kiss Costume, the homemade Campbell's Soup Can Costume, and pretty layered wintery accessories (yes, we knew the importance of layering even then). All the while actually adding padding and lumps and bumps to our cute little selves. And feelin' pretty effin sexy about that.

*we distinctly remember receiving more than a few puzzled looks whilst in said star costume and also thinking what in the world is everyone staring at.

Sometimes we wish that we know now what we knew then.



Anonymous said...

Is that camp benson???

Seriously you two are great...

I have spent so much time dressing like a freak that sometimes I actually feel like my wardrobe could costume the next great Broadway show! And also i would like to shout out to my lovely best friend Petra, for being the one in my life that still plays dress up!! In fact just last week she crigity crimpped her hair, put on her makeup, and pretended to be Britt spears who then morphed into an Emo who then went OUT to starbucks for an Emo good time!


judithe & francine said...

Hmmm.. Fran, I do believe you not only are rocking one helluva star costume, but that your darling feet are adorned with aqua socks. Aqua Socks. The forgotten style crisis. Er, trend. I adore them and you, needless to say.

Haley, please post pics of this Britt/Emo action. ASAP. ;)


Amanda said...

i remember those costumes...can i borrow one for halloween?

judithe & francine said...

Of course! I think Greg Walzer might have 'em... I'll check this weekend because I know your Halloween request is just a cover-up for wanting the Hershey's Kiss to wear to Samba events.