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Ohhh, Life!

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Some days we feel like all we ever do is worry what other people are thinking. 'Is she mad at us?' 'Are they happy?' 'Are we acting like a nutjob?' It's exhausting, and frankly m'dears, it's not doing anything for our figures or our faces. Who wants to be a sad-sap walking around all Eeyore-poor me and Eeyore-poorer me? Not us (well, except for the pink bow. tres kitschy). Alas, there's a reason little Eeyore was concocted... adulthood. Come on: every lad and lass can relate to that little gray egomaniac in some ways on some days. But there's always a choice. You can wake up and go, 'Today I'm going to think only of myself and how hard my life is,' or you can wake up whistling zippity-do-da out of your asshole. Because let's be honest; our lives are not that hard and we must live for ourselves, not for others.

All this was brought home to our deary minds this morning, when our lovely Weenie-poodle said to us,

"But in reality guilt is a waste of time. It never makes us feel any better, only worse. In my opinion…guilt and the word “should” are somewhat pointless…get rid of them!"

Oh deary-dear... so true and well-said and cheers to us and you and frozen margaritas on a Tuesday! Now go frolick in the autumn midst, and don't pay any mind to those phone calls you have to make... Just smile and wink and tip your drink back.



Care said...

Well said pretty. Guilt=poison. xoxoxoxo

co AKA weenie-poodle said...

I can honestly say I have never been called a "weenie-poodle" before but I like it! And get rid of the guilt, I'm with's poison...and life's too short to drink your own poison!

*PS - That is of course unless it comes in the form of a tall captain and coke! :)

judithe & francine said...

Weenie-poodle!!! Captain is not poison... well, until the next day that is...