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Thought #546 For Your Monday: Girly Inspiration

When you're alone and life is making you lonely (read aloud in head in sing-songy voice to the tune of "Downtown." Trust us dearies, it makes it sooo much more delightful) and you're feeling stuck to the creaky plastic seat in your office cubicle, ponder this:

Gurej, a rockin' new chick-run company. Gurej is the creation of Heather and Margo Harrison, two fabulous sistas from Houston, TX who love traveling the world in search of unique fashions. Their latest venture, Gurej, will feature everything from chic, hard to find staple garments, to unique pieces never before seen.

They're talented. They're smart. They're cute. And they have escaped life in cubicleville. Hellooo creative thinking. Get it dears.


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