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Young Hearts Run Free

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Remember that hot summer romance? 1997. It happened between dilly-dallying around the concession stand at friends' baseball games and sneak-drinking parties around someone's else's parents' pool? It was Magic. And it was Memorable. And it was over just as quickly as it wine cooler strawberry breezed through.

We swapped Natty's, we swapped spit. But when school started up, it was volleyball practice or quits. And frankly, we were young and felt we wanted 'freedom' and to 'see what else was out there'. Perhaps find a man with a driver's license.

And Brian was nice. He really really was. And so was Justin. Justin and his black Jeep Wrangler. Ooh, did we love that. And John. John was cute, quiet....boring. And that quick couple of weekends with Ryan. Ryan, the rebel...yum. But, we lived. We learned. We trampled hearts. And our heart was trampled too (Jordan dumping us just in time to hook up with Mallory at the Valentine's Day dance?! Oh the tears).

And then we hit a Big Bump. A Bump that stopped us in our tracks. Grabbed the reigns and forced us to grow up....a lot. And let loose the words 'I love you' for the First Big Time. And really mean it. And be scared by that. It was very real. Very real in a meet-my-friends-and-I'll-meet-your-and-let's-split-Christmas-here-and-we-have-a-
wedding-to-go-to-here kinda way. We shared families, friends, and apartments. We bought gifts for, wrote love letters to, and talked about future plans with.

And then we fought. Cried. Lost sleep. Felt a real heartbreak. Rode the roller coaster to the end. And back. Eleven times. And sooner or later it was time to move on. And that was good. Good for our hearts, good for our heads. Even, good for our friends. It gave us insight, gave us depth. Showed us what we want, what we need, and what we won't go near again.

Luckily we did not engrave a 'Forever Yours' tattoo with our initials in hearts. We did return favorite clothes, cd's, books. We did wish the other well, and truly mean it. Yet we still find there is one thing we just don't know how to sort: The Presents. The Meaningful Ones. The Nice Jewelry and Watch. The Black Cashmere Christmas Sweater. The Diamond Anniversary Earrings. The Tiffany Charm Bracelet.

Where do we send these? Do we hang onto them for our daughters? Do we wear them anyway, and disassociate the meaning? Is there some kind of underground Ex- Boyfriend/Ex-Girlfriend Gifting Swap Market? Can we hold a big Christmas XBF/XBF Gift Exchange Party? Please, please tell us what you did. And maybe we will pay it forward.


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Anonymous said...

Oh i love you guys so much, AND um yeah we should totally do that when it gets closer to x mas! A we dont wear it cuz it is from him


thanks girls