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A Tuesday Truth

Sometimes we feel swallowed by the guilt. The wishing we'd said something more clever (or is it cleverer? really, we just don't know sometimes), more kind, more in line with what they wanted. The wishing we wanted the same thing as them, as all of them. Why doesn't the double fudge brownie in front of us look as good as the apple cream cheese cupcake in the window? Is it really okay, as they say but goshfuckingdarnit don't seem to really mean it, to make everyone trek over for our apple cupcake goodness, when no one else really, I mean really, supports our decision?
If our world was filled with nothing but fudge brownies, oh, what an easy world that would be (in more ways than one). It would make it so much easier. So much smoother. So much happier. If only we could want what they want or make them want what we want. But damnit, we like variety in our pastries and in our life, so there (cross your arms in a huff with us, pretty pretty please). Really, lads and lasses, why isn't it okay to just want what we want and like who we like and that be enough for everyone? Yes, we are in our twenties and it is that emotional time of the month, week, day, hour. But these are our feelings, nonetheless. So. Why is it so hard to have different opinions, when everyone preaches about how different is good? Why do people say to go with your heart on things but then when you do and they don't agree, they pounce. Why are we posing so many endlessly circular existential questions today? Double ugh.

So (pretty much) everyone says, 'please yourself.' 'don't let others tell you what to do.' 'don't let others make your decisions for you.' Well, mon cheries, sometimes and on somedays, it feels that everyone only utters those fabulous self-help goodies when they aren't the ones doing the telling and the making. Ahh, so goes life.

But just remember. If you want the apple cream cheese cupcake, go and get it. And add some ice cream. (Not that we're telling you what to do. Sheesh.)


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judithe & francine said...

OMG. that Daria's mom? Holy schnikes. Um true story that one time in high school, a girl named Tiffany (I think she could be put under The Nemesis File) told me I reminded her of Daria. In front of everyone at our table in pottery class. I felt stunned. But then told I her she reminded me of Quinn Morgendorffer. But with worse hair.

*f aka Daria