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A Tuesday Truth

Chicken in a Biskit is soooo good! How do they cram crunched chicken fingers and butter on those little crackers we don't know. Probably they borrow those Keebler elves and make them take a break from Cookie World to smash little bits of chickens and biscuits with gravy onto those little crunchy crackers. The only thing we want to warn you is no matter how good the taste in your mouth stoppppp eating them before you get to 90. Cause then it'll be like you are just eating out of a barf box. Cause, fact: you will barf. Barfing suuuuuccccckkkkkssss, for sure.



*a said...

shhhicken in a biskit is a secret fave o mine 2. another secret is chef boyR.D. ravioli and also beefaroni.
the CBRD stuff can often also smell like barf in a can. dinty moore too. yummm...but gross. but yumm.

Anonymous said...

NOPE just GROSS!!!

I love chicksinbiskit but i do not love CBRD in fact i hate CBRD... but something else somewhat sick yet deeeeelishlish is TACO BELL BAYBAY!!!! And it is free today thanks to stolen bases in the World Red Sox are so Serious! GEt some and enjoy!

judithe & francine said...

*a-dog & hales-yo, you two darling doo-doos need to send us your Halloween pics. Because I just know - I JUST KNOW - they rock. Hard.

*a said...

i have another secret secret love....heavenly hales helped me remember it. i'd dug such a hole in my brains so i could try and forget my lusty love for taco johns....but how can i ever truely forget my love love luv for potato oles with nacho cheese. that i think about it we may have had this conversation once before. hahahah.....shows how good i am at digging holes in my memorycard.

but i'm w/hales.....TB will always work in a pinch! it's def. a gross but yum!

Amy Probst, aka Noodles said...

is it a problem that i LOVE beanie weenie and miss having hot dogs in my macaroni? so simple, so good. chicken in a bisky would be the perfect appetizer to these 2 very favorable entrees :)

judithe & francine said...

Amstel Light!
Whatup girl!!!! I love beanie weenies too. Mac and hot dogs together? Um, going to have to try that. We used to do hamburger meat and mac togeth. Was it delish or what!!