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All We Want for Christmas

Well, Halloween is over.
(moment of silence)
Thanksgiving is on the way.
(we have begun jogging* in anticipation)
And we think it's about time to to get in the spirit of All Things Christmas.
Penny pinch and save.
Hum carols to ourselves.
Write our Dear Santa letters.
Yet, we think we might be on The Naughty List this year.
(not that we've been mean...just maybe have had a little too much fun slash champagne?)
So we will create our own personal lists this year, in case um, Santa decides to skip our faux-fire Urban Outfitters chimney.

1) American Apparel Hoodie
We crave the women's purple variety (with sleeves! come on you donghole, we are not Juliette Lewis. like, we kinda dig her i-don't-care-kookiness...or is that The Drugs...but her style is like Say What?). Anyway, the purple hood is so gorgeous and bare bones. Kinda like the fella above. Maybe we crave his bones too. See? Naughty List.

Sorry, Santa baby. But yes, we'll have another extra dirty peppermint martini.


*thinking about jogging


*a said...

i may (or may not) secretly think the hoodie w/o sleeves might (or might not) be ok.
i'm justsayin' tho.

judithe & francine said...

Admit it *a, you lurve it. I'm going to see you sporting it at this year's Leisure Time birthday extravaganza! And I can't freakin' wait.

judithe & francine said...

sleevelessness sortta makes me resemble......Shrek, to be honest. But on this dude, I kinda wanna say...which way to the gym/can i go to the gun show with you?

*a said...

dear *f & *j....did i ever tell you the sad sad story about the xtra special airbrush tatto i got at the lame-o beerfest in denver?
no? i never did?
well i'll tell it to you now.

it all started when i was lookey looing for which pretzel vender had the best mustard. that's when i saw the hot hot airbrush stand. i just had to have one. so i raced back to our table and dragged my friend back to help me pick.......

omigod girls......i started this stinking story at like 11am this morning and i just came back to close down my computer at what is now 6:30pm and realized i never finished my sad sad story. i hate to leave you hanging. but i'll have to finish it tomorrow.
what a sadsack i am.

judithe & francine said...



So like two years ago. I was at Wakarusa fest in Lawrence (Ah-mazing shows, where I first fell in love with Steel Train) and had actually been snuck into the fest in my friend's back end of fourrunner (packed in under the cooler and blankets).

Anyway, long story short. Recreational activity began. And I got a beautiful airbrushed butterfly and convinced my guys to 'I love Fran' on their arms. They did.


*a said...

hi...i'm back to finish my sad sad story......hahha.....ok...i'm making this very short sad sad story seem quite endless.

but...i hemmed and hawed over whether i should get a brontasaurus or an "i love jim" (hahhaa....nice work fran!!) or a dragon. but then i saw the anchor and i perfect. and then i saw dual six-shooters and found myself in a conundrum. so i did some more soul searching and ended up going for the six shooters in solid black (of course). i walk out of the tent, quite proud, only to be met w/strangers walking up to me asking which way to the gun show!!!!!

i had made a horrible mistake! you don't put gun airbrush tattoos on your arms unless you have really great arm muscles (errr..of course i have really really great biceps..i'm just trying to be modest. hahaha).
anyway...the end of my sad sad story is that every single person made a gun show remark. and oh how i'd wished i'd gone for the anchor instead.

the end.

and ps....yes...let's be bffs!!

judithe & francine said...

This comment thread is my favoritest ever. EVER.

Okay, that's all I had to say.